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LunaHR – SaaS HR Platform


A modern, flexible, next generation HR platform that has been developed for the businesses of today, and tomorrow. Featuring an array of modules that integrate into a powerful rule engine and reporting system to handle individual business needs.

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  • Client: LunaHR (A2ZTECH)
  • Date: Ongoing project
  • Website:
  • Services: HRMS, SaaS, Azure, Web App, Mobile App


The situation

Market research led us to believe there is a lack of flexible and cost effective HR platforms.


The opportunity

Working directly with clients we had an opportunity to create a platform side by side active and growing businesses.


The outcome

A completely flexible and cost effective HR platform with 7 modules and several API integrations that continues to grow.


The Situation

Back in 2013 we had several clients requesting a HR platform to handle expenses, leave & attendance. We searched high and low for a solution but were unable to find anything which matched their requirements. Consequently, we developed a HRMS for the clients we did IT support for. This HRMS would later evolve into our SaaS Flagship project called LunaHR.



The opportunity for our HRMS was realised after doing significant market research and hearing from other clients who were looking for a HR platform to suit their requirements. There was simply nothing on the market. All of solutions were rigid and expensive.

These acknowledgments and understanding of the HR sphere from our early adopters – allowed us to determine what companies actually need. From this, we drew up an ambitious roadmap to develop a modular platform that integrates into various other platforms.


The Outcome

Development is still ongoing, but we have already made huge progress. We have developed a flexible modular platform that can be accessed from anywhere. Currently LunaHR is made up of 7 modules such as recruitment, training & development and reports.

All of these modules have advanced configuration, integrate with reports and sit on top of an advanced rule engine. This has allowed clients to streamline HR processes, automate, produce in-depth reports and most importantly have a system that adapts to clients individual requirements.

All of our early adopters currently use the platform and we have started to onboard new companies who are looking to move away from spreadsheets and / or rigid platforms.