Statement Brand Solutions

A business brand is beyond just a logo.  


Our team has experience of transforming, scaling and offering stable growth for your brand. We develop a cohesive story for your brand by reaching out to prospective customers and other channels. We help you develop a strategy and provide the experience to produce impactful collateral.

Our Branding Process



Our team focuses on both collaboration and performing in-depth research to perform a basis for a strong branding strategy. We do this to understand the present position within the company and industry, while analysing brand positioning to help your company become unique in the market.



Once the foundations are laid out, we begin developing a strong brand identity. We do this by defining core values, creative messaging and building the personality of your brand. This exercise defines your business and makes customers understand what your brand stands for.



Next step is design. Our creative team creates a collection of media and promotional collateral based on the guidelines set out. They act as tangible evidence of the brand and executed in tandem with the core values, personality and objectives of the brand.



Rollout is important and a new brand should be launched with hype. We help execute a plan to maximise exposure and engagement.

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