Both functional and non-functional testing

Software Testing

A2ZTECH offer a complete set of specialised software testing services that can be delivered in all environments.

Software Testing

We have been developing software for over 18 years now. Each software application we have developed undergoes a software testing lifecycle using various methodologies, to ensure the following:


Small security flaws can result in huge consequences, especially when handing personal information.

Product Quality

In order to make the product vision work, quality must be there. High standards are important for software. We use all types of compatibility tools to ensure this.

Customer Satisfaction

Effective testing can help reduce money spent on software applications. Likewise, it gives customers reassurance and trust in their product.

Our Approach

Our approach to software design & development is rather simple and it involves five unique and equally important stages.

  1. Strategy – helping you answer your questions
  2. Design – both frontend and backend design
  3. Development – high quality code that runs smoothly
  4. Deployment – handling hosting and getting your product to live
  5. Maintenance & support – ensuring we can respond quickly to your needs

In general we take a very flexible and agile approach when it comes to development. Our developers tend to use an iterative process, allowing frequent weekly communication and review, allowing us to adjust plans if needed. Fixed-budget and scope controlled, we ensure that everything is transparent and there are no hidden costs or shock surprises.

What next?

Open discussion is the best way forward

Have a great idea? Let’s see how software can help! Feel free to get in contact with us. The best way for us to understand your idea or situation is either through a phone call or by sending us a detailed specification of what you are trying to achieve. We will analyse this information and come back with a suitable non-binding proposal for your review or meet in person if possible.

Other software related services

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