Transparent software development rescue

Software Project Rescue

Get your software development project back on track with our software rescue team!

Why do software development projects come up short?

It’s important to determine why projects fail in the first place. Our experience has found many software development projects risk failure due to one or various reasons. By knowing how projects failed, it makes rescuing a project a lot easier.

Lack of communication

Poor Planning

Inadequate Development Team

Unrealistic expectations

A2ZTECH Rescue Services

Firstly we analyse and consult. Providing we are all happy, we look to reestablish the software development project and meet your overlying goals within an agree temporal framework.

We can quickly determine your needs by identifying underlying issues, thus drawing up efficient and effective proposals – which include enhancements, fixes, project management and development framework. Ensuring a fast and professional software development rescue.

Why choose us?

  • 15+ years in bespoke software development, we have experienced and learned a lot during our time developing and rescuing software projects
  • Straight forward and transparent rescue plans that we are sure you will be happy with
  • Clear and concise stakeholder communication, to ensure everything it outlined on time i.e. correspondence, undertaking updates
  • Low-risk, if we are unable to rescue your project or have concerns on our side – we would make you aware
  • Happy to regularly meet in person and have dialogue
  • Pricing is very competitive, no hidden costs and discounts or deals are available depending on the purpose of the software project i.e. charity, educational apps, etc.

What next?

Open discussion is the best way forward

Feel free to get in contact with us. The best way for us to understand your situation is either through a phone call or by sending us a detailed specification of your project. We will analysis this information and come back with a suitable non-binding proposal for your review.

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