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Proven track record of outsourcing IT consultancy to help businesses overcome problems and meet their business objectives.

Over the past 15+ years we have provided IT consultancy for companies that vary in size and industry.

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Benefits of IT Consultancy

Implementing and adopting new technologies is critical if you want to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing business world. Given the vast technology solutions to choose from and opinions to sift through, this can be a complex task.

A2ZTECH helps by (1) giving a fresh perspective from our experts (2) asking probing questions to generate the impact you are looking for (3) using our vast knowledge and expertise to come up with practical solutions.

Expertise & Experience

Our IT Consultancy Services

Cyber Security Consultancy

How are you currently protecting your business against cyber attacks? Cyber attacks, especially ransomware are a growing threat that can compromise a business’s data, technology and finances. A2ZTECH can provide your business with up-to-date advice on cyber crime and help implement the sound protection based on your business requirements by using our inhouse cyber security personnel.

Cloud Computing

With remote working becoming more popular, the cloud can provide many advantages to businesses looking to reshape and move their use of technology forward. Our IT infrastructure consultants have years of experience in providing various cloud solutions. Our personnel has qualifications and experience in the following services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365. We can advise based on budget and requirements, subsequently help with set up, migration, and ongoing cloud support.

Disaster Recovery + Data Backups

Unfortunately every business will eventually succumb to a huge mishap or breach. Having measures in place to ensure business continuity is vital, if you want to retain your customers and protect your reputation. Your business needs to have a form of data backup and disaster recovery. Our consultants can help determine the most effective and efficient way of doing this, as part of a smart IT strategy. At A2ZTECH we have helped various companies setup the right disaster recovery solution, just in case the worst happens.

Network Services

Day-to-day business operations in any modern company relies on computer networks, so it’s essential these work efficiently and effectively with minimum disruptions. A2ZTECH can setup or tweak your office network, including design, setup, configuration and ongoing maintenance.

IT Relocation

Moving offices can be a tiresome, stressful and painstaking project. Whether your business is upsizing or downsizing, moving offices can create an array of IT logistical nightmares. Our consultants at A2ZTECH have an array of experience supporting companies move to different offices, ensuring minimum disruption and hassle, ensuring milestones are met.

General IT Consultancy

IT is a complex system that involves many moving points, that is constantly evolving and transforming on a daily basis. IT can become quickly overwhelming for businesses, but thankfully our consultants are on hand to help. A2ZTECH can find quick and effective solutions to address any IT challenge your business or end users have.

Software Consultancy

At A2ZTECH our core services revolve around software. Software consultancy, which often stems into our other services; software development, rescue, integration, support and testing; is what we have specialised in for the last 15 years. We provide software consultancy services that ensure timely and effective solutions, enabling clients to make the right decisions at crucial pivot points, resulting in successful business outcomes. Our software consultants are senior, have extensive experience working in various industries, technologies and project types. They provide a detailed insight to help your business in periods of growth, decline or gaining crucial competitive advantage.

Our IT Consultants



Our consultants work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems by providing strategic guidance with regard to IT infrastructures, technology and enabling business processes through enhancements to IT.



Our consultants operate in a logical and timely fashion – carrying out essential duties such as defining the scope of the project, planning timescales / resources, clarifying system specifications, work practices and nature of their business. They define the IT infrastructure, liaise with staff at all levels, develop agreed solutions and assist in implementing new systems, and various other duties.



Their work, in turn, creates and demonstrates enough information to take the appropriate action when going forward, limiting risk and saving on expenses and time, helping your business overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes.

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