At A2ZTECH we will be undergoing an exciting company transition in 2021. Our goal is to be more focused and streamlined in one IT sector; software development. Consequently, we’ll be moving away from IT support & Operations and focus fully on bespoke software development and our growing SaaS products, Go Munch and LunaHR. We believe software development is our main strength and are optimistic about the opportunities it provides to grow A2ZTECH.

To help facilitate this transition we will be expanding our development team, starting first with Umair Ghouri, an experienced full stack developer with over 7 years experience.

About Umair

A talented self-taught full stack software developer, Umair is proficient in various backend and frontend languages. Umair will play a large involvement in the continued development of LunaHR, due to his knowledge of C#, Javascript and React. But more importantly, Umair has developed similar HR products and this knowledge will help shape the future of Luna development.

Eager for critical tasks and new challenges, A2ZTECH is a perfect match. We are already looking forward to working with Umair, as during the interview process he has shown himself to be innovative, flexible and an excellent problem solver, capable of working in a remote team environment.

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