The a2ztech team has just come back from Snowdonia, North Wales. Here we engaged in an array of activities that challenged us both physically and mentally, improving both individual and collective skillsets, over three intense but fun days.

Why this trip? Why Snowdonia?

The reason for this trip was to (1) improve team cohesion / team building and (2) to have fun and catch up with each other. Therefore the location and surrounding activities suited both reasons. Snowdonia is home to Snowdon which is the highest mountain in North Wales and it is also now home to extreme activities such as the fastest zip wire in Europe, Velocity.


We arrived to Snowdonia on the Friday after work – checking into our Leisure home in Llanllechid. Together we cooked and ate dinner before engaging in small talk to catch up with each other, before getting some sleep.


Saturday consisted of Snowdon as we got up bright and early preparing for the climb. The conditions for the climb was Brilliant; sunny, not too windy, not too cold and very good visibility, despite this the climb was still difficult, as we are IT guys after all! However by maintaining a positive attitude and communicating with each other (especially those scared of heights) we summited Snowdon.

The evening of Saturday was filled with relaxation, good food and of course, monopoly! Needless to say, it was a good evening to round off the perfect day, as after the fun and games we had a fairly early night as we were all completely shattered.


The weekend had gone quickly and already it was Sunday. We headed down to Velocity after checking out of our accommodation – I don’t think any of us knew what to expect. Velocity was incredible, first we did a small zip wire followed by a substantially larger one, reaching crazy speeds as we flew through the air. This activity was the cherry on top of a memorable weekend.

After Lunch and some team building exercises we headed home and said goodbye to other team members who were heading off to different locations. Next year we plan to do something similar in both the Summer and Winter, the ideas currently flying around are themeparks, white water rafting and Mt Everest!

Thanks to everyone associated with a2ztech

I would like to thank everybody at a2ztech for a truly enjoyable weekend – and we can’t express enough how important it is having time with your colleagues outside of work to help improve cohesion and build those deep connections amongst employees from all departments.

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