Situated in south west England, in recent years Bristol has become the economic capital of this region – growing faster than any other regional city since 2008. These statistics are based on figures released from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), who go on to say that Bristol has the fastest growing economy of any city outside of London.

Key economic drivers of growth in Bristol

A 19.2 per cent growth in its economy over the last five years can be attributed to a couple of aspects – fueled by a strong property market, high employment levels and a strong startup scene emerging in this alternative city. To us, Bristol is the San Francisco of the UK and its expansion and development is very similar to that of San Francisco.
Bristol, similar to San Francisco is rich in culture, diversity, cohesiveness and open mindedness – with additional aspects such as a great transportation system, open green spaces and an exciting nightlife. This in turn, attracts a large student population to study at one of the two universities there – and after graduation many look to live there permanently. Tech companies, startups and large organizations have caught onto this and have setup operations in Bristol to tap into this talent pool.

How this benefits a2ztech

The economic growth of Bristol has helped a2ztech greatly, as we are primarily based there. The two ways it has impacted us greatly are (1) the personnel of our company and (2) the increase in opportunities. A lot of our employees have lots of talent and are former students of the educational institutions in Bristol – where they received a degree relevant to their current positions.

The other benefit has been an increase in opportunities. The amount of startups in Bristol that have popped up is really encouraging for companies like us. Many of these startups experience really quick amounts of growth and thus have to expand their team from 5 to 10 employees to 50+ in a relatively short amount of time. Moreover, they need to outsource everything regarding information technology or create their own IT department. This is where a2ztech can pick up some exciting clients and help them continue their growth with an emphasis on scalability and sustainability.

The future of Bristol and a2ztech

The continued growth in Bristol really excites us. We can’t really see this growth slowing up and therefore the amount of opportunities will continue to increase for us. While opportunities will increase, so will competition – and therefore the economic growth in Bristol helps us stay dedicated to constantly improving our services and growing ourselves.

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