Digital nomadism can be defined as working from anywhere providing you have a laptop and an internet connection. It is a movement for people who enjoy travelling and are stimulated to do work by their natural surroundings – i.e. a complete new environment. The people it involves are obviously those who work online – whether they are freelance, employed by an employer full-time or an entrepreneur. This group of people who decide to choose this lifestyle has increased substantially as more and more people want to be location independent and a fast connection to the internet is more readily available.

As a firm believer of this movement a2ztechnologies already employs a workforce of digital nomads and will continue to do so considering the benefits for both employee and employer. The benefits for the employee tends to differ based on the reason for the employee wanting to work remotely – however in general, we have seen our employees happiness increase, health and fitness improve, creativity flourish and organization / communication improve greatly.

Consequently, this has had a really positive impact on the company – several benefits have manifested since allowing our employees to work remotely. Productivity is probably the main benefit, which could be surprising as the generic digital nomad picture shows employees chilling in a hammock with a laptop on a beach somewhere in Thailand. This most definitely is not the case though – digital nomads tend to be far more productive than working in a cubicle – as they are working from an environment that stimulates not only their productivity but also the quality of their work.

Likewise, having a global workforce has helped a2ztech become operational 24/7– thus serving our clients whenever needed. It also gives us another mean to expand into other countries and obtain more business if needed – likewise through word of mouth and friendship it gives the opportunity to strike up partnerships with international companies and employ other digital nomads.

The clients benefit from all these employee and employer benefits as the work they receive is of a much higher quality. These are just the benefits we have experienced, other companies who have a remote workforce are lucky enough to benefit from reduced office costs, increased business, tax deductions and so on. We haven’t really covered any negatives in this article as we have yet to experience any real negatives – on all fronts we have only experienced improvements. However it should be noted, where digital nomadism does not work, is where companies lack communication and trust – these are probably the two greatest barriers to making digital nomadism work.

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