Technology is moving quickly and we are thankful that our are able to develop software solutions that act as flagships for our clients. Our software development team have recently had more success creating a sophisticated HR system that will rival competitors in this market. We are still working on the branding aspect but the name that is currently a frontrunner is ‘LunAHR’, the hub of human resource operations.

The Concept

The concept is based upon providing a holistic solution for administration, allowing the HR of your company to work more efficiently and thus reducing staff costs and freeing up their time to work on other work that has to be done. The idea came from the inefficient ways of tracking expenses, annual leave and so on through horrible spreadsheets, pen and paper or other inefficient systems.

Old System Flaws

While spreadsheets are good for managing HR and arguably pen and paper can be also, it is not efficient, especially when compared to a system this LunaHR.

  • Systems like this lack automation – they tend to be longwinded and require a lot of effort for both parties (the HR staff and the employees)
  • They lack security – let’s be honest, emails of sick leave, spreadsheets of employee expenses and written sick notes are all vulnerable to exploitation
  • The lack of organization is tragic. Often you’ll find that spreadsheets get lost or end up in the wrong hands, you need 100 different spreadsheets to do the job, the spreadsheets then ultimately don’t get updated and so on.

Therefore we belief a system to manage HR is essential to avoid HR disasters. It is a piece of software that has undergone hours upon hours of rigorous testing from various parties and the feedback has only been positive. It is nearing its launch date and it will make waves in the HR world, we already have a large amount of interested clients, both new and existing ones.

Interest and benefits

The interest in this piece of software has been staggering and it is mainly down to our reputation but also the functionality beta testers have experienced. To summarize very briefly, it allows the HR staff access to a solution that contains the structure of their company in hierarchical order (parent company -> child companies -> department -> authorisers -> approvers -> users). It allows the HR staff to track, approve and authorize expenses and annual leave or assign a manager to do exactly this. Likewise it obviously allows employees to apply for all of these things in an interface that is intuitive and straight forward to use (no training is required). From this, it provides a sustainable system that allows HR functions to be complete under one roof, with complete ease. Moreover, you can use the system to its full benefits and produce complex reports, create user profiles (upload all the required documents), process sick forms and so on.
The system has been developed by amazing software developers and extensively tested by our clients and outside people, thus we can guarantee that everything you need in a HR system is covered, whether it is unique working patterns, mileage allowance, summaries, expense categories/different pricing – we have it all. As stated above, for a full list of features please review the site or give the software a test drive! We are sure this software is a perfect fit for any company from small to big, in any industry.

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