Lack of research

Surprisingly there is not much literature regarding the importance of how IT can develop and grow a business. But let’s be honest whether you are a huge technology fan or not, it is impossible to underestimate the power of technology, it’s the glue that holds business together but in our eyes also is an essential driving force to the growth of businesses. Obviously it is dependent on the industry, for example a local pub that already has a constant set of returning customers, do not need a strong IT presence to grow, perhaps a website and some social media platforms would help, but most of their business will come from word of mouth by continuing to produce quality customer service and excellent tasting food.
Whereas a medium sized publishing agency for example would need and rely on IT to get the edge on their competitors. For example, a faster more stable internet will mean they get their stories out quicker, a file transfer system that can be accessed from a camera will mean pictures are sent through to a picture disk and therefore are ready to publish faster than a competitor who can’t do this. Likewise the company will rely on software that allows creative thinking and collaboration, a stable and well setup email platform, a phone system that is reliable and advanced allowing customers to ring in and be directed to the right line, but also allowing in-house communication. When you put IT into perspective, if this company didn’t have all of this stuff, or if they did but it was outdated and another company was doing it better, they would undoubtedly be falling behind.

a2ztech has helped clients grow

Thus at a2ztech we thoroughly believe and have seen exactly this that for companies to grow they not only need solid IT systems in place, but they also need technicians who know their stuff and are always looking to make processes streamlined. We don’t believe in stagnation or simply coping in a market, we have the view that your business should be thriving and that we can help you do exactly that by providing the correct information and enabling IT systems to make that thriving possible or easier for your company.

We are partners not just IT technicians

Therefore we are more than just IT technicians, we help to facilitate growth and enjoy doing this as we tend to grow as our clients grow. Our advice should therefore be potent to you, and we belief you should be thinking tech, especially if you have tried everything else. IT can transform your business for the better, from the apps you are using right through to your choice of what operating system your servers should run on. Ultimately, technology and IT support is becoming more in-demand because it works, it saves time, boosts productivity and improves revenue, it’s now an integral part of everything we do. Therefore if you want to enjoy such benefits, it would make sense to seek advice from professionals like us, who can determine how your current IT systems maybe holding you back.

Final words

Either way the choice is up to you, but we encourage you to think more about how improving your IT systems, whether it is the software you use or simply speeding up the internet, might affect your business in a positive manor.

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