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E-Commerce is Rising

With the technological shift more and more people are shopping online. Patterns in shopping behaviour was well demonstrated in 2020, where British consumers spent a total of £113 billion online throughout 2020, a 48% rise in sales compared to 2019, as found by A June 2021 report from Ofcom.

The trend is very clear especially amongst younger demographics, e-commerce is continuing to grow due to the convenience and accessibility. Conventional retail shops that do not have an online presence are constantly losing out on business by not having an online component. Even if you already have an online only store, it might not be as streamlined as you would like, it could be experiencing high bounce rates, low sale conversion from ads, payment gateway problems or just extremely outdated. Regardless of your current e-commerce presence, it’s something our data driven, resulted based approach can help with.

E-Commerce Platforms

Our developers are experienced in using various platforms. Most notably, a lot of our work is done in WordPress (Woocommerce) and Opencart. However our knowledge and experience extends to other platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Drupal and OS Commerce.

Design & Development

Our in-house team based in Bristol, UK have produced an impressive portfolio of ecommerce websites on all platforms. We have designed custom themes, created specialised plugins, designed and developed bespoke websites from scratch, done various API integrations and built our own building block / template system to make changes efficient and effective.

Handling Payments

An important part of any e-commerce store is payment. We help streamline & tailor the checkout process by carrying out user journeys and analysing customer behaviour. Moreover, we setup payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal, incorporating their latest features to help increase checkout conversion.

Tracking & Order Fulfilment

Whether you already have a manufacturer or not, we can help create a streamlined process to fulfil orders, automating where possible. Using API integrations and tracking providers, we can implement a solution that covers worldwide shipping, stock management and enable customers to track via email, sms or on the website. We are also familiar with various third party solutions such as Aftership, Trackship and others.


To sell products you need traffic coming to your website. We are familiar with marketing techniques to do exactly this, as demonstrated in our website strategy. Moreover,  we specialise in methods tailored for e-commerce, such as integrations into Facebook, Instagram, Google and Pinterest. Specific SEO is done on products and product schema type is incorporated. We pay a lot of attention to performance, mobile user experience and conversion rate optimisation to ensure marketing is as effective as possible.

Our Experience Handling Ecommerce

A2ZTECH has a growing ecommerce portfolio, creating beautiful websites for high profile clients. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge in this field and quick turnarounds, resulting in profitable online ecommerce stores that leave a lasting impression.

By deciding to work with our ecommerce team at A2ZTECH, you can expect the highest quality of service along with other benefits:

  • Strategic guidance and advice before project inception
  • Experts in ecommerce who will advise you on the best solutions
  • Beautiful looking websites, well crafted plugins and a data driven approach that takes profit margins into account
  • A partner to help grow your ecommerce presence