Great looking website. Next comes strategy.


You may have the perfect website, brand and services – but what good is that if no one viewing your online platforms?

Strategy Introduction

Strategy is becoming more important than ever – mainly due to the constant increase in market size and the subsequent competition that follows. We go the extra mile for our clients to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that gives you a great insight regarding your competition, where you currently are and how you can meet your business goals. So rather than leaving you with a beautiful looking website – we help you market, manage and maintain it.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So what does a typical digital strategy compose of? It can be very specific depending on what you want to accomplish, budget and timeframe. Regardless of your strategy, SEO is an aspect that should always be included. SEO stands for search engine optimisation (SEO) and is perhaps one of the most contested and most misunderstood digital strategies out there.

SEO is important, because 90% of all online experiences start with a search. We approach SEO in an ethical way, we are always open to speak about our optimisation process and how it works. We see SEO as a process rather than a project, and that it should be viewed over a long temporal framework, as there are no shortcuts in SEO. Our methodology covers everything you will ever need for search engine optimisation, including content review, website review and keyword analysis.

Social Media

Like search engine optimisation, social media is a complex and challenging field. To get a major following on social media you should be (1) out there and constantly marketing and (2) provide content of incredible value. Such content will drive engagement through the roof and in no time you will have people sharing your posts, commenting on them, liking them and so on. By providing value to your audience through social media you will help establish loyal and rewarding relationships that can drive your brand forward.

To create such content and to answer the levels of engagement social media requires, it can be tough with various large companies having departments for social media alone. If you are not a large company and cannot afford to hire someone full-time to handle social media – we offer to handle your social media for you, we will take time to sit down and understand your needs and what your company is about. From here, we will build a posting schedule and will post high quality content that should generate interest to your relevant audience.

Social Media

Pay per click is a very economical method for getting people to visit your website, depending on the campaign you run. In other words, certain keywords that are high in demand with other content producers can have a starting bid of £3 or more per click, which is crazy money. Therefore, for such a strategy to work economically, it is important to hire people like us to work out the best method and whether PPC is even worth it. In general though, after some research it is possible to find related keywords that are going for much cheaper, perhaps 10p a click. Alongside a solid SEO strategy your website will be experiencing more traffic than it ever has before.

However we must emphasise the importance of research before starting such a campaign. We go about this by researching keywords that suit your website, have high amounts of traffic and do not have too much competition. We will do several test runs to see whether they get any hits and whether the money spent on the test results in a profit gain or loss. This test will be repeated until we find and deliver the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) so your company gets the most of their money.

Once you are happy with the testing and the campaign is launched, we will provide constant analysis to see how the PPC is performing, refining where possible and establishing whether it is still worth doing 5 months down the line for example. Our plan behind PPC is to make it as worthwhile as possible and to constantly improve the adverts and conversion rates.

Content Strategy and Copywriting

Writing good content is about using words that your audience are able to understand and resonate with the message you are trying to portray. Our specialists in this department will write copy that catches the eye of your audience, whether you want frequently updated social media content, pages of information, profiles, or a project of ongoing news posts.

While content should engage your audience and keep their attention, it is also important that the search engines like it. Our understanding of how search engines index content will help us rank you higher on popular search engines like Google. We write your content with that underlying principle, that it should be search engine friendly.

Analytics and progression

Measurement and Evaluation

The key to strategy and digital marketing is having a system where you are constantly measuring and evaluating the strategy that you have decided to implement. If you do not do this, you will have no idea regarding what is working and what is not, and therefore somewhat stunting growth. We are a results driven company and therefore measurement and evaluation is something we heavily believe in. We are constantly looking to develop our client’s digital marketing strategies to indicate their performance.

Our team of specialists evaluate this data through various methods such as Google Analytics, SEO ranking websites, Powerhouse campaigns and so on. By using these tools we are able to produce reports that will tell you everything you need to know about your current strategy and how it is working. By taking this information, processing it and subsequently taking action, you will find that your website, social media campaigns and email marketing campaigns perform a lot better.

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