The importance of design


Design can be a powerful tool of showcasing brands, changing perceptions and making communication clear and understandable, providing it is done correctly.


We split design further into subsections of branding, user experience and web design.

Creation, graphics, management and collateral


Brand then – is incredibly important – it’s what makes your company unique from all of your competitors, it is the shinning gateway to your company, we help give your brand a sense of identity, direction and trust. This gives potential customers an easy decision to purchase your goods or service. We do this by focusing on brand creation, logo development, brand management and brand collateral.

89% of B2B Marketers

State brand awareness is the most important goal

62% of millennials

Feel online content encourages brand loyalty

65% of marketing execs

Say that media is key to brand communication

2.5% company revenue is spent

On digital marketing, an alarming amount!

Brand Creation, Management & Collateral

Brand creation is mostly for new companies starting out but we also develop brands too. In the past we have helped companies start a beautiful, original and successful brand that has had an immediate impact with their target audience and the goals they were trying to meet. Brand creation is our favourite task, mainly because new companies tend to be less stubborn and open to new ideas, meaning creativity is allowed to flourish and thus we can create awesome brands together.

Brand management and brand collateral, is where we look to take your existing brand and improve it through various means. We will engage with your target market, manage every aspect of your brand, look at the product or service your company offers, study your competitors, and voice what improvements should be made. We do this through the creation of resources that can be used to get your brand out there, for example in the past we have created print designs, clothing, paint jobs and even coffee mugs for our past clients.

User Experience & Website Development

User Experience

User experience can be looked at in two ways – the impression your brand gives on the customer, which should be covered in brand management and the other way comes down to design. For example, your website, should be painless and intuitive for your users to carry out whatever actions they are looking to take. If not, they will most likely have a poor experience and will not go out of their way to use your service again.


Therefore, we look to build beautiful websites that attract frequent customers by providing an amazing customer experience. We do this by looking at information architecture i.e. making sure the flow of information makes sense. Likewise, we look at user-centred design which comes from an understanding of our customers and what information they want to access, thus creating a design that makes this journey as easy as possible. And finally, we focus heavily on accessibility, any resource we create, we are always thinking about people with reading disabilities, learning disabilities and so on, thus we adhere to the guidelines provided by W3C (the web content accessibility guidelines).


Website Development

Lastly we move onto web design a profession that experiences staggering amounts of change in short temporal frameworks. Our approach to web design is simple, we ask probing questions to discover your preferences, next we review your brand and identify your goals, and after that we start developing your website.


Website Development